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Thousands of people have chosen a tattoo that they’ve later regretted, either because they matured and changed, the relationship or phase of their life ended, or the tattoo didn’t turn out the way they expected. Dr. Patel and his team of skilled Certified Aestheticians at Renu MedSpa in Des Plaines, Illinois are empathetic to all of the reasons you may choose to have a tattoo removed, and highly skilled in safe, effective tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How do tattoo removal lasers work?

SculpSure is a completely non-invasive laser treatment designed to destroy stubborn fat in areas resistant to diet and exercise.

Can color tattoos be removed?

Yes, but the color of the tattoo impacts the process; certain colors are easier to remove and require fewer treatments, while others are harder to remove and require a greater number of treatments:

  • Dark (blue and black) inks are easier to remove
  • Orange and purples can be removed reasonably well
  • Green and Yellow inks are harder to remove
Is tattoo removal painful?

The RevLite laser causes a light snapping sensation which some patients describe as painful. Most patients compare the sensation to a rubber band being snapped against your skin. If you’re concerned about the pain, discuss your concerns with your aesthetician, who can apply topical numbing creams prior to treatment.

How many treatments are required?

It depends on the amount of ink, type of ink, and depth of ink, but as few as five, or as many as 15 treatments may be required to achieve tattoo clearance. The average patient needs up to 6-8 sessions to achieve the desired result.

What should I expect after treatment?

Once the treatment is done, you receive clear instructions for care of the area. It’s important that you follow the instructions exactly as issued by your doctor or aesthetician, to ensure the best results. Take special care to avoid scratching the area or exposing it to the sun.

If you have a tattoo that you no longer want, book your appointment online, or contact Renu MedSpa to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.