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Medical Spa located in Des Plaines, IL

Whether you want to hydrate your skin, alleviate common skin problems, or just relax, a facial at Renu MedSpa can address your needs in a soothing, private setting. Their variety of facial packages ensure an affordable treatment customized for your problem areas and treatment goals. Dr. Patel and his team of skilled Certified Aestheticians at Renu MedSpa in Des Plaines, Illinois are passionate about providing skin care that’s both luxurious and medically beneficial. Book your appointment online or contact the office to schedule your facial today.

Facials Q & A

What are the benefits of facials?

Whether your skin is dry or oily, acne-prone or clear, you can benefit from skin care and education from a qualified aesthetician. Our patients are a healthy mix of teenaged and adult men and women.

Routine facials deeply clean, exfoliate, nourish, and hydrate the skin while preventing and treating common skin problems, creating a setting for mental relaxation and decompression.

Your esthetician performs a skin analysis to determine what type of facial is best for your skin conditions.

How often should I schedule a facial?

Routine facials are important in maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. We recommend that clients schedule and receive monthly facials to remove debris from their pores, restore hydration, and detect and treat skin problems early.

Is there anything that would make me a poor candidate for facial treatments?

If you’re suffering from an infection on your face, have an open wound or sutures, or have a rash or active allergic reaction, you may need to wait to have a facial.

However, many people who may not qualify for other treatments can still have a facial, such as those with sensitivities to dyes and perfumes, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Similarly, an acne breakout doesn’t disqualify you from receiving a facial.

It’s important that you let your aesthetician know about any allergies or sensitivities in advance so that they can customize the treatment for you.

Why should I choose Renu MedSpa for my facial?

When you schedule a facial at Renu MedSpa, you can elect to receive education on skin care. In fact, you can schedule an hour-long educational appointment just to learn more about the science behind your skin, and our recommendations for treating and preventing problems.

Additionally, you may elect to receive a makeup tutorial following your facial; during this time, the team helps you select the right products for your skin tone and type, and teaches you how to apply makeup to create a natural appearance.